3 Types Of Abuse In A Marriage

If there is one thing that you need to know right now, it is the fact that abuse comes in many forms. A person can become abusive for several reasons. This is why abuse is considered as a complex concept. You may know its definition, but there is no easy way to understand what it means. A great example of this is experiencing abuse in the marriage. It is clear that a married couple loves each other, but no one can explain why either of them can become abusive towards the other spouse.


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In this article, we are going to discuss the different forms of abuse and how it can affect the relationship. Take note that there is a necessity to learn about these things so that you could determine if your partner is abusive or not. Check this out:


Emotional Abuse


At this point, it is essential to emphasize that feeling hurt in a marriage is only normal. Arguments and misunderstandings are only part of the relationship. A married couple always encounters these things because there are days when they could not just get along. However, the moment that you become hurt on a regular basis because of your husband’s acts, then that is an indication of emotional abuse. You will know if there is emotional abuse if the other person does not give regard to how you would feel or react whenever he does something. That same person will not care even if he can see you crying or feeling sorry for what he has done.


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Verbal Abuse


The mildest form of abuse is verbal or one wherein the other spouse merely speaks of hurtful words, without overt acts. It is easy to determine if your partner is verbally violent. All you have to do is to notice how he speaks to you regardless of the area. Keep in mind that verbal abuse can happen in public or even in a private room, depending on the audacity of the abuser. Does your husband shout at you? Or does he say mean words that hurt your feelings? If you answered yes, then you are in an abusive relationship.


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Physical Abuse


The most obvious and common form of abuse is physical violence. Tons of evidence would show whether your partner has physically hurt you; some of these include bruises, wounds, cuts, and contusions. No matter how much your husband loves you, he can become physically abusive especially if he is going through a tough time in his life or has an addiction to drugs or narcotics. This type of abuse manifests itself in various forms, such as slapping, boxing, kicking, strangling, pushing or shoving. Any act that causes physical pain falls under this category.


Living with someone who abuses you is a complete struggle. Learn how to save yourself from this kind of marriage. Do not be afraid to leave your partner and start a new life without him. You deserve someone better. As long as you live with an abusive partner, you will never get your chance at happiness.