How To Motivate Your Husband To Quit Smoking  

Smoking has adverse effects on one’s health. It is considered as one of the sources of illnesses in several individuals. The sad reality is that smoking affects not only the smoker but even the non-smokers as well. When you are living with a person who enjoys puffing sticks of cigarettes, there is a high possibility that you can have smoke-related illnesses such as lung cancer. Because of this, it is essential to take some measures to help your husband quit smoking for good.  




Below is a list of the things that you could do to motivate your special someone to stop his smoking habits: 


Talk To Him About It 


Communication is one of the essential foundations of every marriage. This is a primary ingredient for the success of the marital union. Make sure that you know how to take advantage of this. Use proper communication to inform your partner how his smoking addiction makes you feel. At the same time, try to raise the health issues that may arise because of his acts. Take note to use the correct tone when it comes to discussing the matter with him. Avoid nagging, as it will only make your partner feel reluctant to change. 


Be More Understanding And Patient 


Take note that smoking is a difficult habit to quit. Do not expect your partner to let go of it in just one night. There must be a constant effort on his part to make it happen finally. Therefore, you must show him that you understand what he is going through. Do not put too much pressure on it. Instead, try to be more patient in dealing with his current condition. For sure, he will appreciate your excellent deeds especially once he has successfully stopped his smoking habits. 


Remind Him Of The Kids 




Remember that children are more prone to health risks. They are the ones who can quickly catch illness or sickness. Because of this, it is crucial for them to live in a healthy environment at all times. They have a low immune system, which makes them vulnerable to bacteria or chemicals from cigarette smoke. Be sure to inform your partner about this so that he will have an idea of how his actions can have negative effects on the children at home. Tell him that if he continues to smoke, your kids will be more exposed to danger. 


Seek Professional Help 


If you believe that your partner’s condition is getting worse, then do not hesitate to look for a therapist or psychiatrist who could help him get over his smoking addiction. Keep in mind that this professional knows some techniques on how to motivate people to stop smoking. However, it is necessary that your husband will cooperate so that the sessions will be more meaningful and effective. Choosing a therapist or psychiatrist may be challenging since there are many professionals engaged in this field. You can ask for some referrals or recommendations from friends. Do not be shy to ask around until you find the right professional.  


As long as you show your love and support to your partner, everything is possible. Hence, do not ever give up on inspiring or motivating him to quit.