Acquiring That Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification In California

  Generally, a chemical dependency counselor deals with therapy services and programs catered for individuals with chemical dependency. Chemical dependency may include alcohol drinking needs, illegal substances abuse, and use of medical drugs for leisure, and tobacco smoking. Before the assessments and therapy are to transpire, the person performing the services must have the necessary […]

Chemical Dependency Versus Substance Abuse

  Chemical dependency and substance abuse may sound the same to ordinary people, and they use it simultaneously. These terms are often used to describe someone who suffers an addictive condition.  However, if one can thoroughly look into the depths of the phrase’s definition, a significant difference between the two will be discovered. And by […]

Let’s Talk About Chemical Dependency

  What Is Chemical Dependency?     A lot of people will narrow their eyebrows when they hear the phrase “chemical dependency.” What does it mean? Is it similar to drug abuse or substance use? What is it exactly?   According to the Johns Hopkins Medicine website, chemical dependency is similar to substance abuse. Actually, […]