Counseling For Adolescents

Addiction can affect anybody, no matter how old or young, and counseling is a necessary step to recovering from it. Proper counseling addresses its underlying causes and prevents these triggers from causing a relapse.

Teens And Substance Abuse


Teenagers can fall into addiction. Their decision-making capabilities are misguided and easily affected by herd mentality. When they’re troubled or simply curious, teens tend to get high or drunk as a form of escapism from life. Unfortunately, those one-time tries may develop into frequent usage or intake. Later on, they may develop a severe addiction to alcohol, drugs, and other harmful chemical substances.

Although binge-drinking and drug abuse rates among adolescents have lowered in the past year, teens need proper counseling for the treatment to become successful. Compared to their adult counterparts suffering from any form of addiction, adolescents rely heavily on therapy. Medications are more prominent in adults.

Recovery Process


Professionals recommend a rigorous process of achieving sobriety. It starts with good old-fashioned detox. In this step, the expert helps the patient clear his or her body of the substances. Depending on the intake and quantity of the substance, the body expels the substances within days. Severe cases involve medical detox interventions in an in-patient setting.

Since therapy is more effective than medications for young people, professionals turn to talk therapy and teen drug counseling to help the child. Here are a few substance abuse counseling tips for adolescents.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is a technique that helps patients control their emotions and reactions. Professionals uncover the leading causes of a patient’s excessive usage. The CBT approach entails anticipating risky situations and managing a patient’s responses. Through avoidance or self-control tactics, patients can apply these coping strategies and prevent a relapse.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Patients who are comfortable with sharing their emotions are better off with Dialectical Behavior Therapy. By accepting uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, patients can overcome these. They can also release their pent-up emotions through exercises like breathing and muscle relaxation and yoga.

Because addiction is closely associated with mental health, dialectical behavior therapy can also help patients entertaining thoughts of suicide. This therapy helps patients control these self-destructive urges and encourages healthy change.

Family-Based Therapy

In family-based therapy, professionals emphasize the family’s role in a teen’s substance abuse. They encourage therapy sessions with the family present because families have a long-lasting influence on a young person’s life.

During these sessions, concerned parties work towards addressing issues that may have triggered this addictive behavior. It uncovers the deep wounds of the patient and unveils stories behind these wounds. For example, when the patient was still young, a parent might be a drunkard and this unpleasant memory imprinted on the young. In other cases, the family may not necessarily refer to blood-relatives, but any person playing a supportive long-term role in the patient’s life.

Recreational Therapy


Also known as therapeutic recreation or TR, recreational therapy is a method engaging rehab patients in active leisure activities. Among these activities are sports, arts and crafts, and games. This technique allows both the mind and the body to develop healthy habits and build social relationships. Recreational therapy aids patients in discovering positive traits about themselves. The goal of recreational therapy is to improve health and boost self-worth and self-esteem.

There are many other techniques counselors can choose from when helping out troubled teens. They should not be treated as helpless cases, for there is always the road to recovery. With the help of reliable counselors, young lives can be saved one therapy session at a time.

The Pros And Cons Of Online Pharmacies

With the emergence of the digital world, more and more consumers are now purchasing their medications online. Because of the advantages and benefits it brings to the table, most people prefer this method. However, as a consumer, you also have to be wary of the cons of online pharmacies. Listed below are some of the things you should consider before you make your decision on whether to go with this trend or not.


It Preserves Privacy


One of the advantages of using online pharmacies is that you can seek the assistance of health professionals in private if you feel uncomfortable talking to people regarding your condition. It usually happens to those patients who are nursing illnesses like HIV, AIDS, and other sensitive sicknesses.

It Is Convenient

With online pharmacies, you can get your prescriptions with just one click. You don’t have to hassle yourself by driving or commuting to wherever the pharmacy is. You only have to open your device, order your medicines, and have them delivered at your doorstep. This method is also preferred if you’re unable to leave your house or live far from town.

It Saves More Money


Some studies have shown that most people who buy in online pharmacies save money because they don’t have to spend on fare and gas. Take note, however, to avoid medicines that are priced too low. Chances are these products are fake.


There Might Be Rogue Pharmacies

Since the Internet is easily accessible to everyone, you might be ordering from fake pharmacies. If you stumble upon one, they might not return the money you have spent. Worse, they might even get your payment details and use these on their personal purchases. To combat this, make sure to research first on the online pharmacy whose services you are trying to seek. Check whether the website is legit and look for reviews in the search engine.

It Might Be Unsafe

Some online pharmacies do not care about the health of their patients. They are out there to earn large sums of money by selling dangerous medications. This scheme is even more rampant for medicines that do not require prescriptions. As mentioned above, it is essential to check the profile of these services before punching in your order.

There Are Hidden Costs

Although many online pharmacies offer low costs and free shipping, others trick people into adding hidden charges. The typical hidden fees include account fees, ordering costs, and consultation expenses. Make sure to check your bill before clicking the Check Out button.

There Are Counterfeit Products


As mentioned above, there are online stores that end up selling counterfeit products at a lower price. You have to make sure to seek the help of your trusted healthcare professional first and ask whether these products are legitimate. If not, you should report them to the authorities. Do not take this issue lightly since counterfeit medicines pose dangers to the body. It may even lead to death.

Before availing the services of a particular online pharmacy, make sure that you have adequately researched about them. This strategy will help you choose the most reliable digital store that cares about your health, is honest, and protects your personal information.

Powerful Solution To Overcome Addiction

A lot of people usually think that the word “addiction” is a term exclusive to alcoholics and drug users. Some individuals believe that the concept is irrelevant to those people who don’t drink or use drugs. Therefore, it does not concern them. However, as what therapists and psychologists describe it, the concept of addiction is the psychological and physical craving of a substance for a habit. The term defines the individuals’ struggle against stuff and activities that do not produce real happiness. Instead, it merely focuses only on instant pleasure. That is why addiction is very common to a lot of people. Not only in terms of using drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. But it also includes conditions relatable to gaming, porn, eating, gambling, and so on.


The Types Of Addiction

There are two types of this mental condition. It is the addiction to a substance and activity. We all know that substance abuse relates to taking too many prescriptions, inhaling chemicals, and even injecting fluids in the veins. Those are the types of addiction that harm both the brain and body. “Addiction is a non-medical term that refers to a wide range of mental disorders called Substance Use Disorders. There are a variety of different types of Substance Use Disorders, including Alcohol Use Disorder, Stimulant Use Disorder, and Cannabis Use Disorder, just to name a few.” As explained by Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I.

But there are also addictions of activities. The most common in the United States alone support the habit with five different things. These include coffee, gambling, internet, shopping, and junk foods. But to be clear, these things when in moderation, are quite acceptable in society. But even if that is the cases, a lot of people rely on these things for instant satisfaction. Some examples are drinking coffee when someone is feeling exhausted and tired, shopping to feel happy, betting a lot of money on casinos, playing long hours of videogames when bored, and eating junk food when someone is anxious.


The Process Of Overcoming Addiction

“The first step was to understand that our goal was to mainstream addiction treatment into the general delivery of health care.” Navdeep Kang, PsyD said. There is no simple way to overcome addiction. It requires tons of effort, energy, and motivation. The very least an individual can do is, to be honest with himself. There should be a recognition that the mental illness exists to be able to face it. But can someone know if he is currently addicted to something?

The efficient way to know when someone is addicted to something is to stop doing the particular thing for a week. Let us say a person stops using his phone and avoided social media. When he craves for it, then it is a significant indication of social media addiction. The intense sensation of not being able to grab a phone and attempt to scroll up a platform that causes irritability and uncomfortability is a sign of the mental illness. However, many individuals often ignore their addictions, which somehow end up in building a life that revolves only to those activities and substances. Most of these people fail to see the existence of the condition. Yes, leaving it and entirely cutting it in someone’s life is hugely a complicated process. That is why one should believe that the quality of life can transform and improve positively.


The Main Ways To Control The Situation

“A mental illness cannot be willed away or brushed aside with a change in attitude. Ignoring the problem doesn’t give it the slip either.” Deborah Serani, PsyD insists. There are only two things to remember to be able to create a healthy environment. One is to keep around the people that promise to provide care and love. These are families and friends (read further here: FamilyHype) who can help build a solid social structure that will influence an individual to do the right thing. These are the significant people someone is comfortable to talk about their lifestyle changes and improvement plans. But of course, it is vital that a person should stay away from toxic ones who only want him for their interests.

The second one is the habit of investing in a much healthier practice. One should use creativity, imagination, and effort to adapt its new ways. Let’s say, for example, if one’s addiction is eating unhealthy foods; then the individual must choose to eat fruits and vegetables. He can also learn how to cook and make a healthier meal for himself. Or if the person is into too much television, he should at least try to learn a different hobby such as performing a musical instrument, trying sports, or at least exercise. By discarding the negative habits, one will make a huge difference in building a sturdy and healthy environment for himself and to the people around him too.

It is important to note that even though these methods can all help out in overcoming addiction, they are all covers to the problem. Therefore, in any attempt in lifestyle alterations, one should consider seeking out professional help.

5 People To Remember When Coping Up From Addiction

Have you finally decided to stop smoking? Do you think it is the perfect time to change your bad habits and bring in new ones? Is it your goal to kick off addiction out of your life? If you answered yes to all these inquiries, then be sure to read this article from start to bottom. Psychology tells us that addiction is a behavioral disorder that is rampant all over the world. Many individuals suffer from addiction to alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, and other dangerous items. The best part of all is that regardless of how rampant it may be in society, it can still be treated as long as the person involved knows the right things to do.




Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I explains that “Addiction develops over time, as a person continues to use a substance and grows more dependent on it.” In this article, our primary focus is all about kicking smoking addiction out of your system. At this point, we want our readers to believe that it is possible to stop smoking right away. Stop making excuses for the continued wrongdoing that harms your body and even the health of those surrounding you. Because of this, it is time that you must begin considering eliminating addiction in your life and the people you love. Below is a list of people to remember if you want to get over your addiction fully:




“Many people use smoking as a coping tool. Unfortunately, this method of coping can lead to a number of physical health problems, including heart disease and cancer, and can increase one’s chances of premature death.” says Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC. A lot of researchers keep on publishing findings that smoking is harmful to one’s health.  The saddest part of all is that smoking does not only affect the smoker but also those surrounding him. Nowadays, the number of people who became ill because of second-hand smoke has also risen. What you need to do is to remember yourself whenever you feel tempted to puff one cigarette. Think of your physical wellness and mental health. Is one stick of cigarette worth it? Keep on asking yourself this question until you get tired and realize that it contributes nothing but adverse effects to your overall health.


Your Loved Ones


Think of the people close to your hearts and imagine their suffering because of your vice. Take note that addiction can harm not only you but also your loved ones. As already mentioned above, second-hand smoke is also known as one of the significant sources of illnesses and sicknesses. Even if they never touched a cigarette in their lives, there is still a high possibility that they will suffer lung cancer and smoking-related diseases because of your own doing. For example, if you keep on puffing cigars at home, the second-hand smoke may affect your kinds adversely. Remember that smoke can stick to a lot of things in your home, such as the walls or curtains.




Your Friends


Another way to motivate yourself to keep going in your fight against addiction is to look for friends who have successfully eliminated smoking habits out of their lives. Feel free to ask them for some advice or recommendations. Use their stories to inspire you to continue the journey even if you keep on encountering problems and issues along the way. Let these friends know about your interest in saying goodbye to smoking so that they can give you tips and tricks on how to do it right. However, it is suggested to be sensitive when it comes to making inquiries to ensure that you will not offend them in any way.


Your Therapist


If you think that it is quite impossible on your part to quit smoking, then maybe it is time to start considering getting in touch with a licensed therapist. This professional can help you a lot in understanding your addiction so that it will be easier on your part to eliminate it. Nonetheless, you must still remember that the success of therapy is not visible in just one session. There may be a need for you to book several meetings with the therapist before you can get what you are looking for. As much as possible, participate in all therapy sessions to see to it that can enjoy all its great benefits.


Your Medical Doctor


According to Dr. Howard Samuels, PsyD, “Admitting you have a problem is the first step in treating your addiction. However, due to the nature and the danger of this disease, simply just stopping on your own is highly unadvisable.” With that, you must also consider the possibility that you need the expert advice or opinion of a medical doctor. Always remember that a therapist is way different from a physician or a health professional. The latter can help a lot in checking your current medical condition and can even provide you with the correct diagnosis of your sickness if there is any. Another advantage of having a doctor in your battle against addiction is that you can get medical prescriptions for some of the most effective medicines or drugs available in local pharmacies.



Choose to continue the fight against smoking addiction so that you can reap the benefits of your hard work and efforts in the future.


Mental Health 101: Coping with Your Addictions

To ease their stress or emotional pain, people rely on substances that free them from their despair. These substances include alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, marijuana, hallucinogens, stimulants, and others. Using them can often lead to worse mental health conditions. Addiction is an unhealthy mental state an individual should watch out. One of the most common forms of addiction is substance abuse.


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Mental Health Support Tips For Teachers


Teachers are the mentors of learners when it comes to learning, but they can also be of help in stabilizing a student’s mental health. Teacher and student relationship happens inside the classroom and goes for hours in a day. Fact is, some kids see their teachers more often than their actual parents who were busy working. Thus, as teachers, you also need to “check” their mentalhealth conditions just like how you check their papers and tests.

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Drug Addiction: Reformation And Starting New

Drug addiction is considered one of the leading causes of increased crime rates in several states. According to a recent study, people who have developed an addiction to drugs or narcotics are more likely to be violent than the individuals who are not into substance abuse. The same study also reveals that the said drug addicts are capable of hurting anyone even a family member. At the same time, drug addiction can also lead to an overdose that can potentially end one’s life.




At this point, you are probably aware of the several disadvantages that using drugs can bring into your life. Take note that its adverse effects are not only visible on the way you act or connect with other people. They can also be seen on your physical appearance as well as overall physique.


In this article, our primary focus is all about starting a new life after saying goodbye to drugs. Our ultimate objective is to encourage everyone to give up prohibited and illegal drugs. We want to let you know that there is a better life waiting for you after you decide to keep drugs out of your system completely. Read the list below to find out the ways on how you can start a new life after addiction. Below are some of the smart ideas that any reformed drug addict can do:


Accept Your Past


Never deny to yourself that you have a terrible past because of drug addiction. Embrace this reality so that you can move on easily. Keep in mind that the more you dwell on the things that happened in the past, the more difficult it becomes on your part to face the present and the future. What is essential is for you to understand that all the bad memories are in the past now. You have been given a new shot at life so do not waste it.


Forgive Yourself


Another important or vital thing that you need to do is to let go of the anger issues that you have. Try to forgive yourself for whatever happened in the past. Never blame yourself for how things turned out because it will only keep you in the dark. As such, it is best if you would assess your shortcomings in the past and deal with it with open arms. Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. puts emphasis that “The strength of forgiveness has been shown to have a powerful buffering effect on stress. Those who are highly forgiving of themselves and others have a far less chance of having a mental illness.” Forgive yourself for all the mistakes and errors so that you can move forward to the better life that awaits for you.




Avoid Bad Influence


Now that you are already in the process of starting a new life, it is best if you would keep yourself away from the people who can influence you to the bad side. “When trying to keep a positive attitude, you must avoid people who thrive on negativity,” says Fran Walfish, PsyD. Let go of the individuals who keep on insisting that you engage in illegal activities such as using drugs. Otherwise, you will only end up going back to square one. Keep in mind that people like them do not deserve to be called your friends. You deserve so much more than staying in close ties with them.


Have A Strong Will


One of the essential tips that you must never forget is to keep your head held high at all times. Remind yourself that you are fantastic, amazing and that you have what it takes to turn your life around. Be firm in all your decisions, which will show everyone that you are a strong-willed woman. Do not let any person sway you into trying drugs once again. As already mentioned above, it would not be wise on your part to go down that road again. You will only get hurt and the ones you love.


Go To Therapy


At this point, it is crucial to highlight the reality that getting over drug addiction does not happen overnight. There are those who have difficulty leaving their past lives behind. Fortunately, an option is available for the unlucky ones. If you find it hard to move on from a life that is full of tragedy and addiction, it is best if you would see a therapist. Let this professional help you in handling the nitty-gritty of drug addiction. Always think that you deserve more and the only way to get it, for now, is to try therapy sessions. “Therapy is for people who have enough self-awareness to realize they need a helping hand, and that is something to be admired.” Chris Corbett, PsyD said.






If there is one thing that you need to read right now, it is this: We are so proud of your choice to move on to better tomorrows by saying no to drugs. Keep in mind that the choices or decisions you make today can affect your life in the future as well as those surrounding you. Believe in your heart that you deserve a second chance to start over again. As long as you follow the tips and tricks mentioned above, there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that you are only doing everything for your protection.


Smoking Addiction And Relapse  

If there is one thing that you need to know when it comes to quitting a particular addiction such a smoking, it is the fact that relapse is possible. Take note that relapse can happy to anyone at anytime. According to experts, there are several factors that affect the occurrence of a relapse. As such, it is imperative on your part to quit blaming yourself when something goes wrong in the process of quitting from your bad habit of smoking.


First of all, you need to understand the scientific conclusion that wanting to smoke on a regular basis or resorting to smoking cigarettes during sad moments is classified as addiction. This means that your body craves for the cigars involuntarily. As Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC explains it, “Many people use smoking as a coping tool. Unfortunately, this method of coping can lead to a number of physical health problems, including heart disease and cancer, and can increase one’s chances of premature death.” No matter how much you make an effort to control your cravings, there will always come a time when you would give in despite the fact of making process with your therapist. Because of all these, it is crucial for you to learn the various ways on how you can handle relapse after an attack.


Here are some of the important things that you need to remember if you want to be an expert in dealing with relapse from smoking addiction:


Remember Why You Quit


The first thing that you must do is to remind yourself the primary reasons why you decided to quit smoking in the first place. Did you stop smoking because of a loved one? Did you decide to quit this bad habit because of a health reason? Whatever it is, make sure to remember it so that you can realize how far you’ve come from the first day of quitting up to the present time.


Talk To A Friend


“Why talk about your problems including mental health challenges? Just talking about your situation to someone can reduce your stress and help you feel better.” Dr. Aaron Kaplan, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist said. Whenever you feel the need to smoke again, do not easily give in and instead, find a way to talk to a person whom you can trust. Do not waste all the days that you have successfully stopped from having cigars as part of your lifestyle. What is essential is for you to talk things through with a friend. Allow this person provide you with more reasons why you must not give in to the relapse.


Get Professional Help


There are days when the struggle to resist relapse can be difficult to handle during these times, the right thing to do is to give yourself a chance to seek professional help. Find a therapist who can help you deal with this matter. Ask for recommendations from friends if you are not sure with the person to contact. Seek help because many people out there are willing to help you. In Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. blog, she says, “If you are struggling with low self-esteem, it is encouraged that you seek some type of help and support to work through this issue, and to help you be the best version of yourself that you can be.”


Relapse is just one of the hundreds of issues that you may encounter in your life right after you decided to quit smoking. You must be strong enough to resist it so that all your efforts will not go into waste. Take the process of getting rid of your addiction in your own pace. Do not rush the process to ensure that you will not keep on coming back to square one. Keep moving because you deserve to achieve a healthier and happier you.

Why Parents Don’t Put ADHD Kids On Medication 

The mothers and fathers of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are some of the most supportive parents we have ever seen. They try to understand their kid’s symptoms and triggers from the moment the diagnosis arrives. It doesn’t matter how hectic their careers are. When the offspring needs them, they often come to the rescue. Getting tired of helping the child lead a normal life is not in these adults’ vocabulary either. They merely want the best future for their little one, disabled or not.



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