Powerful Solution To Overcome Addiction

A lot of people usually think that the word “addiction” is a term exclusive to alcoholics and drug users. Some individuals believe that the concept is irrelevant to those people who don’t drink or use drugs. Therefore, it does not concern them. However, as what therapists and psychologists describe it, the concept of addiction is the psychological and physical craving of a substance for a habit. The term defines the individuals’ struggle against stuff and activities that do not produce real happiness. Instead, it merely focuses only on instant pleasure. That is why addiction is very common to a lot of people. Not only in terms of using drugs, drinking alcohol, and smoking cigarettes. But it also includes conditions relatable to gaming, porn, eating, gambling, and so on.

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The Types Of Addiction

There are two types of this mental condition. It is the addiction to a substance and activity. We all know that substance abuse relates to taking too many prescriptions, inhaling chemicals, and even injecting fluids in the veins. Those are the types of addiction that harm both the brain and body. “Addiction is a non-medical term that refers to a wide range of mental disorders called Substance Use Disorders. There are a variety of different types of Substance Use Disorders, including Alcohol Use Disorder, Stimulant Use Disorder, and Cannabis Use Disorder, just to name a few.” As explained by Hailey Shafir, LPCS, LCAS, CCS-I.

But there are also addictions of activities. The most common in the United States alone support the habit with five different things. These include coffee, gambling, internet, shopping, and junk foods. But to be clear, these things when in moderation, are quite acceptable in society. But even if that is the cases, a lot of people rely on these things for instant satisfaction. Some examples are drinking coffee when someone is feeling exhausted and tired, shopping to feel happy, betting a lot of money on casinos, playing long hours of videogames when bored, and eating junk food when someone is anxious.

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The Process Of Overcoming Addiction

“The first step was to understand that our goal was to mainstream addiction treatment into the general delivery of health care.” Navdeep Kang, PsyD said. There is no simple way to overcome addiction. It requires tons of effort, energy, and motivation. The very least an individual can do is, to be honest with himself. There should be a recognition that the mental illness exists to be able to face it. But can someone know if he is currently addicted to something?

The efficient way to know when someone is addicted to something is to stop doing the particular thing for a week. Let us say a person stops using his phone and avoided social media. When he craves for it, then it is a significant indication of social media addiction. The intense sensation of not being able to grab a phone and attempt to scroll up a platform that causes irritability and uncomfortability is a sign of the mental illness. However, many individuals often ignore their addictions, which somehow end up in building a life that revolves only to those activities and substances. Most of these people fail to see the existence of the condition. Yes, leaving it and entirely cutting it in someone’s life is hugely a complicated process. That is why one should believe that the quality of life can transform and improve positively.

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The Main Ways To Control The Situation

“A mental illness cannot be willed away or brushed aside with a change in attitude. Ignoring the problem doesn’t give it the slip either.” Deborah Serani, PsyD insists. There are only two things to remember to be able to create a healthy environment. One is to keep around the people that promise to provide care and love. These are families and friends (read further here: FamilyHype) who can help build a solid social structure that will influence an individual to do the right thing. These are the significant people someone is comfortable to talk about their lifestyle changes and improvement plans. But of course, it is vital that a person should stay away from toxic ones who only want him for their interests.

The second one is the habit of investing in a much healthier practice. One should use creativity, imagination, and effort to adapt its new ways. Let’s say, for example, if one’s addiction is eating unhealthy foods; then the individual must choose to eat fruits and vegetables. He can also learn how to cook and make a healthier meal for himself. Or if the person is into too much television, he should at least try to learn a different hobby such as performing a musical instrument, trying sports, or at least exercise. By discarding the negative habits, one will make a huge difference in building a sturdy and healthy environment for himself and to the people around him too.

It is important to note that even though these methods can all help out in overcoming addiction, they are all covers to the problem. Therefore, in any attempt in lifestyle alterations, one should consider seeking out professional help.