Are You Married To A Sex Addict?

Are you aware that there is such a thing as sexual addiction? Do you think that your wife is a nymphomaniac? Is her addiction to sex making your marriage challenging? If you answered the affirmative, then be sure to read the rest of this article. The primary focus of this write-up is to discuss a woman’s sexual addiction and how it can affect any marriage.




Defining Sex Addiction

When we speak of addiction, it refers to a mental condition wherein a person has uncontrollable urges or desires to do the same thing over and over again. In the case of a nymphomaniac, this individual enjoys engaging in sexual activities without regard as to how it can damage her life or those surrounding her. This addiction is characterized by strong sexual behavior. All that she thinks is giving in to her lustful thoughts.


Knowing The Risks

A person who is considered as a nymphomaniac is exposed to several adverse risks. First of all, this individual has a high tendency of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. It must be noted that having multiple partners can increase the risk of getting HIV or AIDS. Second, being a sex addict can also lead to a bad marriage. When a married woman has a sexual addiction, there is a good chance that she would end up having illicit relations with men other than her husband.



Finding The Diagnosis

At this point, it is crucial to emphasize the fact that only a psychiatrist or medical doctor can give a diagnosis of any mental condition. No other person is authorized to give out examinations and release medical findings of the existence of sexual addiction. As such, you need to be careful when it comes to determining whether your wife is a sex addict or not. It is highly recommended that you talk or consult with a health professional so that you can find out the real status of your wife’s condition. Do not forget to get your spouse’s consent first before going to a professional doctor’s office.




Dealing With The Addiction

Once you discover that your partner has a sexual addiction, the first thing that you must do is to have a conversation with her. Be sure to discuss the implications of her addiction. Remind your beloved wife that you will always be by her side no matter what happens. Avoid making her feel that you already have reservations about the marriage. Keep in mind that being addicted to sex does not necessarily mean that she will cheat on you.

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Always remember that you have to accept the condition of your wife and help her undergo therapy sessions so that she can get over the addiction. The process may be exhausting, but it will be worth it in the end. While she is on her way or road to recovery, do not forget to tell her how much you value her as a wife. Your support can help in making sure that he gets a fast and effective recovery.