Addiction Aftermath: Life without the Booze



Life becomes better when you leave alcohol behind.


Giving up alcohol addiction is one of the toughest life experiences that you can go through. But once you’ve entirely eradicated the constant yearning, you’ll finally realize that booze has taken over your life in a way that you have missed a lot.

What can you expect once you turn yourself into rehabilitation?


  1. You Will Shed A Lot Of Weight


You may not know it, but alcohol has its way to sneak in calories into your system. According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, moderate consumption of alcohol at any given day will add at least 433 calories, which is why once you decide to quit drinking, you’ll notice significant weight loss.


  1.  Sleep Will Come Easier


A recent study that reported on the Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research journal stated that drinking alcohol before going to sleep tends to tap into the brain’s alpha wave patterns. These patterns are types of cerebral activities that usually occur when a person is resting but is wide awake. Due to the alpha wave patterns, the brain is unable to quiet down, resulting in sleep disruption. Initially, alcohol can help in making people sleep quicker; however, after the first phase, it will screw up with the quality of sleep and you’ll wake up like a dehydrated zombie with a terrible headache.


For someone who has gotten used to consuming alcohol as a form of sleep potion, getting rid of the booze might cause instability while you’re trying to get some shut-eye. But give it ample time, and you will get your regular sleeping pattern back. Apart from that, not relying on alcohol will improve your mood, mental performance, and concentration.


  1. You Savings Will Improve


Money is an excellent motivator in any endeavor. Though money is not the only reason why you should quit drinking, it should be reason enough to cut on your drinking. Admit it, alcoholic beverages are costly and can cause massive holes in your pockets. Find time to crunch on some numbers and compare your savings from the time you were hooked on alcohol to the time you decided to quit entirely.


  1. Your Craving For Sweets Will Intensify


Alcohol and sugar are somehow similar in acting on the brain’s reward mechanism that immediately fuels sensations of pleasure and satisfaction. It’s quite possible that once you give up the substance that triggers those sensations, you’ll be looking for other sources for those happy hormones to float inside your brain. So do not be surprised if one of these days you find it rewarding to finish a bar of chocolate or drink sweetened beverages.


  1. You Will Become Envious


You will be overwhelmed with envy seeing your friends or other people enjoying a bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage. It might seem like the universe is testing your willpower to refuse a glass of wine being offered to you at a party, but that is going to be your reality once you cease drinking. People usually drink alcohol to numb their emotions, and the moment they stop their addiction, these feelings will crawl back, which is why it is helpful not to be in a room full of people who are enjoying their drinks. This will cause agitation and restlessness on the part of the rehabilitated.





Above it all, the essential occurrence after quitting drinking is that you gain full control of yourself and you’ll gain back the love and trust of the people who you lost along the way.